Why Choose All Ivy Online?

In a word, the single best reason to choose All Ivy Online is that we have the best tutors. Our tutors are young, energetic, talented professionals at the tops of their fields. They understand the learning process (having recently gone through it themselves) and know what it takes to succeed in education. Tutors have an excellent understanding of the material, and what new information is based on that material. Since we introduce them to advanced concepts early, our students are poised to succeed for years in the future.

What are the advantages of Online Tutoring compared to a Local Tutoring?

Both online tutoring and local tutoring have tremendous benefits for students. If you’re interested in having in-home tutoring, you should check our local tutoring branch. The advantages to going with online tutoring are:

  • Tutoring is available 24/7, we will provide you with an emergency session at any time. Just send us an email, and we’ll get you face to face with a tutor
  • You don’t have to worry about scheduling travel time, or any other time burden
  • Your tutor will be a specialist, no matter how obscure the subject. This is especially useful for English and History students, because these subjects require very specific knowledge
  • It saves your tutor time, which saves your money
  • Both of you have access to the most powerful educational resource ever created, the internet. We always have access to detailed proofs, images, and other helpful informaiton

How does online tutoring work?

To get started with All Ivy Online, just send us a note with the contact form on any page. Include what classes you’d like tutoring in, and when you’d like tutoring. Most students find the best way to do scheduling is on a reoccurring weekly basis, however any scheduling is up to you and your tutor. We will always have a tutor available for emergency sessions, just send us a note and we’ll have somebody online within half an hour.

I’m skeptical; how does billing work?

To make sure you and your tutor are a good fit, we’ll do your first session, and then you can decide if you want to pay for the session and continue, or if you want to seek a tutor elsewhere. No questions, no hard feelings. All billing is done securely through Paypal.

What are online tutoring rates?

Our rate for online tutoring is $35 per hour.