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Advertisement STUDENTS who work at McDonald’s will be given free access to online maths tutoring, as the fast-food chain tries to stem the number of young people who take time off work to prepare for exams.

McDonald’s, which claims to be the biggest employer of young people in the country, said the program was for students in years 7 to 11, with the tutoring program tailored to the current high school curriculum.

McDonald’s Australia vice-president Frank McManus estimated about three-quarters of its 65,000 staff were secondary students. “We believe we have a responsibility to help them perform well in school,” Mr McManus said. “We also recognise that some students end their employment around the time they start year 12.”

He said students often took a four-to-six-week break over the exam period, before returning to work in their holidays.

The program, created by www.tulasicorp.com, also supplies year 12 sample exam papers and provides students with feedback and progress reports.

Launched last week, the online program will be available to students until the end of the academic year. Mr McManus said more than 1000 staff had already logged on in the first 24 hours. He said if the uptake was positive, the company would consider extending the online tutoring to include other subjects such as English.

“This is just dabbing our toes in the water to see what the uptake is. It’s a competitive labour market out there and if we can offer additional benefits that will attract and retain employees than we would consider extending it.”


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