Why Online Tutoring Than Offline Tutoring?

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In school, students study in groups and the teachers are unable to concentrate on each and every student.

Due to lack of attention most of the students take help of tuition to perform well in the exams. Parents believe that one to one tutoring is far more effective than group tuition. This is the reason where the search for home tutor begins.

Even after locating a tutor the most difficult task for a student is to commute to the tutor?s place, in bad weather or in traffic jams this become headache for the parents as well as become impossible when the student need help for his next day?s exam and the tutor is not available. Every parent wants to avoid this kind of circumstances. Online tutoring is a new concept in India though it has already boomed industry in countries like UK, USA, and in AUSTRALIA.

Most of the parents think that the most important thing is the quality of tutors. It doesn?t matter if they have to pay more for it. But when their kids study online they can cut their cost, they don?t have to worry about the tutor for that they just have to login to the internet. Also non-punctuality of tutor, difficulty in understanding the concept in groups, tutors non availability are some of the reasons which parents as well as the students want to avoid.

This all can be avoided in online tutoring. In online tutoring the tutor teaches student one to one through internet using virtual classroom. It consists of special whiteboard which is shared by the student as well as the teacher and they can interact live with each other using text or audio chat. The special features of online tutoring are affordability and convenience.

It qualifies the belief of one to one tutoring direct from home. Special focus remains on concept building. One can study direct from his home, no more tutor search, 24×7availability are some features of online tutoring which makes it first choice of students. To see how it works one must go for at least free trial what I believe they could not be able to deny it.

Saroj Bala

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