Types of Online Tutoring Resources

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If you’ve heard about the benefits of online tutoring, you’re probably curious about what it may be able to do for you or your child. It’s always good to inquire first before diving in so that you don’t find yourself taking part in something that just doesn’t work for you.

Luckily, there are an evolving number of online tutoring resources to learn about and essentially take advantage of if you’re interested. Let’s take a look at just a few that have the potential to make your Internet tutoring experience just as rewarding as the traditional face-to-face session.

One-on-One Live Chatting

One resource that is available through various reputable online tutoring resources is one-on-one live chatting – some of which may be available 24/7. Meant to replicate the traditional face-to-face tutoring session, you have the opportunity to work individually with a tutor via live chatting. And very often, the tutors chosen to work as tutors are retired educators, graduate students, high school teachers and college professors with no lower than a Master’s degree in their subject area – in other words, they’re very qualified.

One benefit of this type of online tutoring is the convenience of being able to work with the tutor from the comfort of your home. However, one potential disadvantage to this type of tutoring is not having facial expressions and body language to work with, which are often important reassurance factors for students.

Daily Logs and Tools

Depending on the resource that you choose for online tutoring, you may be able to take advantage of newly-evolved software that allows you and the online tutor to keep a daily log of your child’s progress. For instance, a student management system called SAM is considered one of the most efficient forms of teacher-parent educational coordination and is often used in the online tutoring environment to help the parent review the tutoring session, as well as receive progress reports, after each session.

Also, you may be able to take advantage of electronic tools after signing up with a service. Some of these electronic tools may include a headset and microphone for vocal communication, as well as an electronic pen and tablet for immediate written communication.

Teleseminars / Webcasts

Another unique resource that may be available from an online tutoring service is the teleseminar/webcast. Similar to the one-on-one session, you are given access to a live experience with a tutor. However, the tutor will be communicating with a number of other students. You may have to listen to the session over the phone, or it may be viewable via a webcast. Either way, this lecture-style format offers a unique version of the online tutoring experience that offers the benefit of tutoring from any location.

Another online tutoring resources that you may be able to take advantage of is email homework help, which allows you to send in a homework problem for which you will receive the answer with the solution explained (this typically applies to math). Also, you may be able to utilize online or downloadable software to work through practice problems and assignments. Don’t let the convenience and reliability of online tutoring leave you behind. You may just find that it is just the academic assistance you need.

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