Online Tutoring on the Rise

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Online tutoring is very much similar to face to face tutoring, with the difference being that tutors will rarely or never meet students and will therefore need to work harder to emulate the school atmosphere and group dynamic characteristic of conventional education of the face to face tutoring.There are four major categories of online tuition: Self study: You set the schedule and study at your own speed. You need to have very high self motivation to succeed in doing this. Asynchronous study: You attend a class with an instructor and other students, although not at the same time. You attend classes as and when you like. You get support and feedback from your teacher and classmates. It’s generally faster than self study. Synchronous Broadcast: You attend a class with an instructor and other students. The content delivery is real-time. But this method lacks the one-on-one interaction. Synchronous study: You attend live lectures via computer at the comfort of your home and ask questions using microphones and speakers. This format is the most interactive of the four and feels the most like a real classroom. Flexibility is the same as the real classroom. The biggest advantage of online tuition is that your classroom and instructor are available 24/7. You can clear the doubt by getting online for a chat or sending a mail to the instructor. You never miss a class, even if you miss, you can reschedule the class missed or probably get it back from the video archive. Everything you need to make your learning more enjoyable and interesting is at your fingertips. In fact the whole world of information is in front of you. The flexibility you get is immense. You decide the time you study and with whom you want to study. You can easily ask for a replacement for a teacher if you don’t feel comfortable with him, without having to face him again. You don’t get tired of traveling, which would improve your concentration on the topic taught. And the weather condition outside doesn’t matter to you anymore, Rain or Snow Because of the one-on-one nature of online education, you can clarify your doubts fast and move forward quickly. People are not comfortable asking questions in class for fear of feeling stupid. This can be avoided by typing in the chat window. You can always shoot a mail to you instructor seamlessly even after the class is finished. This is not always possible with traditional schools, because you tend to forget the questions or you don’t have the courage to get up and ask a silly question. Online tuition could be the window for you to the outside world. You get to meet students and tutors from different countries. These interactions could make you understand the dynamics and culture of other countries. These are vital skills necessary to succeed in the future global village. These courses increase your appetite for knowledge and make you understand the avenues. The established players in this industry, charge anywhere between 20$ /hr to 100$/hr. But if you do some research, you can even find companies charging 10$/hr. Before you decide to take up a physical face-to-face tuition or online face-to-face tuition, it would be great to consider the fuel charges and the parking charges you pay for attending a tuition centre. The other indirect expenses that you may have to bear are eating out when you are away from home, child care, pet care, cost of missing your work etc. The possibilities are endless.

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