Home Tutoring: Opportunities for Online Tutors

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Opting out of the conventional school system and educating children at home is a growing trend, though not without its critics. Although much home tutoring is carried out by parents, some families enlist external help and employ online tutors as a supplement to their own teaching.

Home tutoring is a popular option for families when:

Learners have failed to thrive in traditional schools
Children are unable to attend school because of illness or disability or because they live in a remote area
Families are temporarily living abroad
Parents reject the educational philosophy underpinning locally available services

Online Tutoring has a clear role to play in the home tutoring arena. Though some parents who homeschool are dedicated to accomplishing the task by themselves, and according to their values, many are also open to using online tutors. One of the criticisms of home tutoring is that learners are not exposed to the wider world in the way that ordinary school-goers are. Online tutoring goes part way to addressing that problem. Online tutoring and online learning communities fulfil several of the functions that conventional education offers.

In addition, people in today?s world are busier than ever, and not all parents have the time to devote themselves to their children?s education full-time. Some parents may seek additional help in particular subject areas, or for help in teaching children with different abilities. Online tutors can play an important role in all these scenarios.

Home Tutoring Online

Although some parents devise their own curricula (sometimes within broad guidelines set by the state), many rely on the internet for assistance with courses, curricula and resources. For people seeking online teaching jobs, the home tutoring domain is one worth taking notice of, especially if they have allied experience in this field. Online teaching jobs can be found in course development and materials provision, and in offering online tutoring support to accompany those courses.

In the United States (and some other countries), checks are carried out to ensure that homeschooled learners are progressing suitably and that their education is of an appropriate standard. Online tutors may find opportunities here, in assessing homeschooled children?s knowledge and preparing them for checks and tests.

Homeschooled learners planning to get into university often benefit from assistance from online tutors with test preparation (such as SAT and ACT).

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