Home Tutoring: Opportunities for Online Tutors

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Opting out of the conventional school system and educating children at home is a growing trend, though not without its critics. Although much home tutoring is carried out by parents, some families enlist external help and employ online tutors as a supplement to their own teaching.

Home tutoring is a popular option for families when:

Learners have failed to thrive in traditional schools
Children are unable to attend school because of illness or disability or because they live in a remote area
Families are temporarily living abroad
Parents reject the educational philosophy underpinning locally available services

Online Tutoring has a clear role to play in the home tutoring arena. Though some parents who homeschool are dedicated to accomplishing the task by themselves, and according to their values, many are also open to using online tutors. One of the criticisms of home tutoring is that learners are not exposed to the wider world in the way that ordinary school-goers are. Online tutoring goes part way to addressing that problem. Online tutoring and online learning communities fulfil several of the functions that conventional education offers.

In addition, people in today?s world are busier than ever, and not all parents have the time to devote themselves to their children?s education full-time. Some parents may seek additional help in particular subject areas, or for help in teaching children with different abilities. Online tutors can play an important role in all these scenarios.

Home Tutoring Online

Although some parents devise their own curricula (sometimes within broad guidelines set by the state), many rely on the internet for assistance with courses, curricula and resources. For people seeking online teaching jobs, the home tutoring domain is one worth taking notice of, especially if they have allied experience in this field. Online teaching jobs can be found in course development and materials provision, and in offering online tutoring support to accompany those courses.

In the United States (and some other countries), checks are carried out to ensure that homeschooled learners are progressing suitably and that their education is of an appropriate standard. Online tutors may find opportunities here, in assessing homeschooled children?s knowledge and preparing them for checks and tests.

Homeschooled learners planning to get into university often benefit from assistance from online tutors with test preparation (such as SAT and ACT).

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Online Tutoring – an Educational Revolution “

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“Online Tutoring – An Educational Revolution “



The present scenario of educational system requires a transformation process to assure and promote educational services at your doorsteps with a world of possibilities and to create a global, learning collaborative platform dedicated to the advancement of education.


Online tutoring is a highly flexible, convenient method of learning and allows you to work at any place, with an Internet connection and at your own pace in a real time technology aided with VOIP, interactive voice, text chat and a two-way white board together with file sharing, image uploading and remote access 24/7 to a growing collection of web resources. The online learning process is going to bring out an educational revolution in the near future. So, why restrict our child to traditional classroom teaching ; instead make them learn all multimedia tools and give them an alternative means for gaining knowledge. This collaborative learning process open up new avenues for students to think, ask, discuss and learn in a better way and excel as an all rounder. The potential benefits of these online educational services are burgeoning to make every child – a global student and assure learning process to be easier, fun and result oriented.


Online tutoring sites provide a pool of qualified personal tutors who are trained, vetted and screened to be the best among masses. This is a feasible option for learners who can study according to their daily commitments, focus on testing and feedback and simultaneously preparing for the competitive exams. It also promises to cater to the problems faced by students to pursue higher studies and make learning quite effective and interesting. Certainly one should appreciate the benefits of E-learning , as it could add value with various inter activities, case studies or facilitating online discussions for students of present age.


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Online Tutoring – A Boon for Quality Education

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Online tutoring is a planned teaching/learning process, live and fully interactive one-on-one methodology by which knowledge is imparted using a wide spectrum of technologies, mainly Internet to reach learners at a distance. It is a tutoring portal working for all your educational needs and where a student can learn via the Internet with the help of a professional, subject matter expert. It makes use of several web-based programs to achieve its goals. Online tutoring is now becoming the best way for students to get extra help in perusing their study smoothly and is being preferred by both students and their parents.

Online tutoring is a collaborative process, which facilitates the students to plan out their program according to their own preferences. Flexibility of timings is an added advantage. Online educational constructive approach, provides a pool of subject matter experts and imparts one to one real time learning, with peer interaction for every student at its self paced working methodology.

The main advantages of online learning are…

Working in a highly safe, efficient, result oriented environment and round the clock educational services are provided to your child for considerably improving his/her results with better understanding of the concerned subject. Online tutoring focuses on improving their existing capabilities in solving problems, doing their homework in less time and also emphasize on the weak areas of your child, working with utmost perfection to bring out the best in them. It also strives hard for the considerable improvement in results of your child and provide them an extra edge over the other students.This technology is tailored for offering quality online courses by tutors who are screened, qualified and ready to help your child get better grades, brush up their skills and provide them with flexibility of time to pursue other extracurricular activities at the same time for an all round development of your ward. Moreover, with online tutoring students can go at their own pace and from the comfort of their homes to learn anywhere and usually at any time.

Online learning process and its goals…

This real-time tutoring/teaching process offers learning scenarios, worksheets, interactive exercises, an assignment, a multiple choice questionnaire, a quiz, a discussion or a case study for students via the use of multimedia tools such as VOIP, an instant messaging, email, online two way interactive whiteboards etc. This customized teaching service is most effective when voice, video, graphics, and text can all be used at the same time to make learning fun, highly interesting and relevant.

If you are looking forward to taking up an e-learning course but wonder if you have chosen the right e-learning site, so think before you choose…..

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