Is Online Tutoring the Best Route to Take?

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Have you heard a lot about online tutoring but are just unsure as to whether it is the best route for you to take? Your apprehension is definitely understandable – especially if you’ve been given no information about the differences between online and standard tutoring.

So if online tutoring has been suggested to you, yet you don’t know if it will actually benefit you, don’t spend anymore time wondering. Instead, take a few minutes to explore some of its characteristics to help you make a more informed decision.

Online Tutoring is Similar to Offline Tutoring

One of the first concepts to understand about online tutoring is that it is not much different from offline tutoring. Of course, there are a few distinctions to consider, including the fact that a tutor will not be walking into your home and sitting at a desk with you to work. However, in many other ways, the online tutoring experience can be very similar to that off the offline experience.

For example, there are services available, such as live chats with certified tutors, that can provide the same or better support than you would have received in person. Of course, you don’t get the benefit of the face-to-face conversation with body language. However, it this is not so much of an issue, then utilizing online tutoring resources such as live chats or tutoring through email correspondence may just work out well for you.

Online Tutoring Can Offer Numerous Resources and Heightened Convenience

As the Internet continues to improve, so do the resources offered through it. It is for this reason that now many online tutoring services offer live one-on one chats. But that’s not all that you can take advantage of. Some sites allow you to engage in live group sessions with other students. Also, you may be able to take advantage of 24/7 website access, downloadable study forms, tutorials, tips, and FAQs that can keep you informed in the wee hours of the night when you’re biting your nails about a homework assignment or big test. But what’s best, is there are a ton of certified tutors, teachers, and even college professors offering their services online. So you don’t have to worry about reliability through this vehicle.

Online Tutoring Requires an Internet Connection

Before you say yes to online tutoring, you want to keep in mind that it inevitably requires an Internet connection unless you utilize a downloadable program (some still require a connection for tech support). Whether you want to take on live chat, email tutoring, or interactive tutorials, you will need a connection to conduct your activities. If you don’t have Internet access at home, or think you won’t be able to get to a computer sometime during the weeks that you need assistance, then utilizing the traditional face-to-face tutoring format will probably work best for you.

If online tutoring sounds good, but you still can’t make up your mind, your decision may come down to cost. Some online resources require one-time fees, while others may charge monthly. Comparing online costs to in-person tutoring services may help make the ultimate decision that much easier. is a complete online resource that compares tutoring services and products offered by top online companies. If your child is in need of an online tutor, find the best solution for your family at

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Types of Online Tutoring Resources

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If you’ve heard about the benefits of online tutoring, you’re probably curious about what it may be able to do for you or your child. It’s always good to inquire first before diving in so that you don’t find yourself taking part in something that just doesn’t work for you.

Luckily, there are an evolving number of online tutoring resources to learn about and essentially take advantage of if you’re interested. Let’s take a look at just a few that have the potential to make your Internet tutoring experience just as rewarding as the traditional face-to-face session.

One-on-One Live Chatting

One resource that is available through various reputable online tutoring resources is one-on-one live chatting – some of which may be available 24/7. Meant to replicate the traditional face-to-face tutoring session, you have the opportunity to work individually with a tutor via live chatting. And very often, the tutors chosen to work as tutors are retired educators, graduate students, high school teachers and college professors with no lower than a Master’s degree in their subject area – in other words, they’re very qualified.

One benefit of this type of online tutoring is the convenience of being able to work with the tutor from the comfort of your home. However, one potential disadvantage to this type of tutoring is not having facial expressions and body language to work with, which are often important reassurance factors for students.

Daily Logs and Tools

Depending on the resource that you choose for online tutoring, you may be able to take advantage of newly-evolved software that allows you and the online tutor to keep a daily log of your child’s progress. For instance, a student management system called SAM is considered one of the most efficient forms of teacher-parent educational coordination and is often used in the online tutoring environment to help the parent review the tutoring session, as well as receive progress reports, after each session.

Also, you may be able to take advantage of electronic tools after signing up with a service. Some of these electronic tools may include a headset and microphone for vocal communication, as well as an electronic pen and tablet for immediate written communication.

Teleseminars / Webcasts

Another unique resource that may be available from an online tutoring service is the teleseminar/webcast. Similar to the one-on-one session, you are given access to a live experience with a tutor. However, the tutor will be communicating with a number of other students. You may have to listen to the session over the phone, or it may be viewable via a webcast. Either way, this lecture-style format offers a unique version of the online tutoring experience that offers the benefit of tutoring from any location.

Another online tutoring resources that you may be able to take advantage of is email homework help, which allows you to send in a homework problem for which you will receive the answer with the solution explained (this typically applies to math). Also, you may be able to utilize online or downloadable software to work through practice problems and assignments. Don’t let the convenience and reliability of online tutoring leave you behind. You may just find that it is just the academic assistance you need. is a complete online resource that compares tutoring services and products offered by top online companies. If your child is in need of tutoring , find the best solution for your family at

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Online Tutoring- is it Really Effective?

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What is online tutoring?

Online tutoring is the way of teaching through internet and with the help of specific software that allow a student and tutor to communicate with each other. Teaching tools like whiteboards and digital pen etc. are used to make the communication effective, convenient and real time. So, the only basic requirement for getting online tutoring is a computer, internet connection, microphone and speakers. Good online tutoring companies like the one TutorsKingdom offers a wide range of subjects and topics to choose from so the student can select the best module matching his real requirements. After completion of registration formalities, tutor takes a diagnostic test to devise the teaching pattern according to the capability of the student. Besides regular course study, online tutoring can be had for preparation of entrance tests, homework help, math help, assignment help and exam preparations etc also. Why, online tutoring is being preferred over the traditional tutoring? Is it really more effective than Pvt. Tutoring?

Necessity of online tutoring:

Competitive environment of schools, extended late night hours of homework and preparation for entrance tests has put many parents in an enclosure of all around pressures. The desire of seeing the child getting top ranks in the class and competitions makes the situation grave. Today, most parents have realized that their child needs 1:1 attention for performing ?remarkable? consistently, as result, on demand online tutoring is becoming popular with every passing day through out the world.

Why, online tutoring is preferred?

Online tutoring delivers several sharp edge benefits which can’t be get through traditional tutoring. Perfect match of student and tutor, flexibility of session duration and scheduled time, quality of tutoring service, reliability, professionalism, accountability and cost effective etc are some of those benefits for which online tutoring is being preferred throughout the world.

Is it really more effective?

Subject and psychological experts of some online tutoring companies like the one conduct assessment test prior to on demand tutoring session of Math help, Science help and Assignment help etc to judge liking, tendency, capability, actual requirements and specific weakness of the student. This practice helps the tutoring company to depute the best tutor to address the personal requirements of student.

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Online Tutoring Company Verses Independent Tutor

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The popularity of online tutoring is increasing day by day all over the world. When parents or students conduct search for the online tutoring source, they get astonishing number of options. Ever increasing number of online tutoring agencies and the students seeking online help proves the extra edge of online tutoring process over the private tutoring. What are the ?significant? plus points of online tutoring comparative to traditional Pvt. tutoring?

1. Perfect match of student and tutor:

Most tutoring companies have a wide database of the capable, seasoned and reliable tutors to teach each and every topic. The subject experts of online tutoring companies like the one conduct assessment test prior to delivery of tutoring session to judge the capability, specific weakness, liking, tendency and real weak points of the student. This strategy helps the tutoring company to select and deploy the best tutor to deliver time-framed results.

2. Flexibility of session:

Online tutoring company offers 24X7 hrs service, so student can chose appropriate time of online tuition without disturbing his regular study schedule. Besides this, student can contact the tutor anytime if he needs help even after/before his regular tutoring period.

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How to Get an Online Tutor

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It is so nice to know that with the emergence of computers, life has changed so drastically. It is indeed good to learn that for getting the job of your dreams, you need not to go places but can simply can get so many opportunities by a single click of the mouse. The Internet has brought speed and greater access to everything including valuable information throughout the world. You can get connected to many websites offering good quality job opportunities matching to your profile. Just look into the details and get the maximum benefits for a long period of time.

In fact, if you are interested in getting connected with any university or college, you can do that so easily. Many universities and college do have their online recruitment procedures from which valuable information can be extracted. You can submit your details and wait for the concerned person to contact you as soon as possible.

Being an online tutor can be bless. You do not only imparts quality learning and understanding but also provides the right approach and desire to achieve the good knowledge of different areas of working life. There are many websites which invite online tutors to impart their learning. It is an easier arrangement where students do not have to physical move out to a certain place for gaining the desired knowledge.

Find a tutor online is a growing concept and likely to be expanding in another areas as well. As the world is becoming a global village, desire to learn the specialties of different places has arisen in people belonging from different geographical locations. Internet has provided the smartest way to get the bets education and learning over the virtual world and infuses the seeds of true understanding and gaining practical knowledge.

The aforementioned article has been contributed by the webmaster of Find an online Virginia tutor for all subjects. Our database includes computer tutor, math tutor and more in your local area.

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Online Tutoring on the Rise

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Online tutoring is very much similar to face to face tutoring, with the difference being that tutors will rarely or never meet students and will therefore need to work harder to emulate the school atmosphere and group dynamic characteristic of conventional education of the face to face tutoring.There are four major categories of online tuition: Self study: You set the schedule and study at your own speed. You need to have very high self motivation to succeed in doing this. Asynchronous study: You attend a class with an instructor and other students, although not at the same time. You attend classes as and when you like. You get support and feedback from your teacher and classmates. It’s generally faster than self study. Synchronous Broadcast: You attend a class with an instructor and other students. The content delivery is real-time. But this method lacks the one-on-one interaction. Synchronous study: You attend live lectures via computer at the comfort of your home and ask questions using microphones and speakers. This format is the most interactive of the four and feels the most like a real classroom. Flexibility is the same as the real classroom. The biggest advantage of online tuition is that your classroom and instructor are available 24/7. You can clear the doubt by getting online for a chat or sending a mail to the instructor. You never miss a class, even if you miss, you can reschedule the class missed or probably get it back from the video archive. Everything you need to make your learning more enjoyable and interesting is at your fingertips. In fact the whole world of information is in front of you. The flexibility you get is immense. You decide the time you study and with whom you want to study. You can easily ask for a replacement for a teacher if you don’t feel comfortable with him, without having to face him again. You don’t get tired of traveling, which would improve your concentration on the topic taught. And the weather condition outside doesn’t matter to you anymore, Rain or Snow Because of the one-on-one nature of online education, you can clarify your doubts fast and move forward quickly. People are not comfortable asking questions in class for fear of feeling stupid. This can be avoided by typing in the chat window. You can always shoot a mail to you instructor seamlessly even after the class is finished. This is not always possible with traditional schools, because you tend to forget the questions or you don’t have the courage to get up and ask a silly question. Online tuition could be the window for you to the outside world. You get to meet students and tutors from different countries. These interactions could make you understand the dynamics and culture of other countries. These are vital skills necessary to succeed in the future global village. These courses increase your appetite for knowledge and make you understand the avenues. The established players in this industry, charge anywhere between 20$ /hr to 100$/hr. But if you do some research, you can even find companies charging 10$/hr. Before you decide to take up a physical face-to-face tuition or online face-to-face tuition, it would be great to consider the fuel charges and the parking charges you pay for attending a tuition centre. The other indirect expenses that you may have to bear are eating out when you are away from home, child care, pet care, cost of missing your work etc. The possibilities are endless.

Author is the Founder of, world’s cheapest online tuition provider. Ranjith was a Software Engineer with 8 years experience in the IT space. He currently is CEO of, a recruitment company and

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Find Out How to Become an Online Tutor

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Do you want to become an online tutor? In today?s technological ear, practicing as an online tutor can be the easiest and convenient option to share your understanding and knowledge base. It gives you the benefit of earning from the ease of your home without fussing about traveling to a student?s home. In addition, you can meet with numerous learners around the globe and share their mindset with them. Above all, you could earn a pocket full of money to improvise your way of living.

Online education is not limited to boundaries of a city, country or continent. It is the most convenient option for both online students and online tutors. It provides you to facilitate a rock solid bond between people, dealing virtually with one another, just to provide the ultimate results.

Most people do not believe in the online education simply because of the fact that everything is virtually managed and you can get your lessons on the computers only. Some consider it as fake and bogus. But, in this growing environment, online education system has come as a bonus for people who just cannot really approach the real university or university of their choices or courses of their preferences.

Find a Tutor Philadelphia:

Whether located in Philadelphia in the United States, you can teach students across the world including students from different states of the United States. There is no end to the territories involved in this system. Tutor Philadelphia has earned a great deal of respect and recognition for their quality educational base. These people have out shined others in the education field by their quality results and support for their students.

Are you looking for a quality tutor in Philadelphia? You wait and search journey can be end with quality online solutions. Search over the internet and look into the offerings made by different educational websites. Judge their worth by having a close look into the different aspects of courses featured there. You?ll find the education of your choice with ease.

The aforementioned article has been contributed by the webmaster of Find an online tutor Philadelphia for all subjects. Our database includes computer tutor, math tutor and more in your local area.

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Why Online Tutoring Systems?

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The latest arrival, according to this author, is the blooming and ever enlarging portals that claim to provide online tutoring systems.

My last count of “online tutor” term search on Google showed 636,000 results and there appear to be more… I did not bother because the initial figures are good enough to prove my point.

Education is very much part of life today. Today’s jobs require education, technical acumen and very good communication skills to land a job in the shrinking market today for jobs. Further industry which provides the greatest source of employment, wants candidates to be multi-skilled, in other words, they must perform other tasks which are not related to their main job profile.

A farmer wants to send his children to school, because he does not want his children to go through the daily grind of working the fields; the household maid wants her children to get education for she does not want them to go through the same drudgery she has to. Any number of examples can be quoted as why education is booming.

Further Governments in developing countries, and even more surprisingly Governments in developed countries also want to encourage education. Why developed countries want their education system to improve is because various studies indicate that that the number of school and college drop-outs is alarmingly on the rise, and for the skilled jobs that are available in their countries are simply going empty, simply because the skilled people are not there.

Therefore, there is a demand for overseas hands, especially from countries like India, which have a good education system, and the skills required by the developed countries.

There is another factor, in developed countries, the population is graying: in other words, the number of elder people is more than the younger people. This population demographic is the cause of the earlier period of DINKS – a short form of Double Income No Kids. Thus there is an imbalance in the population. Witness the demand for nurses and the medical staff. Governments everywhere in the developed world are beginning to increasingly depend upon developing countries to provide the manpower simply because of this skill shortage.

Furthermore, it has been found that of the percentage of children going to school and college very few are really equipped with the knowledge or the skills to go further. It was in one of the reports put out by one of the organisations of the United Nations.

Where there is a threat, there is an opportunity. Online tutoring is one such example. Since schooling was not enough to provide the required skills to the students, tuitions have long been resorted to by many parents, developing and developed countries alike, because they would like to see their children are well educated, and indeed competitive enough to come first in their class, if not in the whole school!

But where are the teachers for the tuitions? In developed world, there is a shortage of teachers – either because it does not pay enough, or it does not provide competitive salaries as other fields. Thus, a teacher taking tuition in a developed country would charge anywhere between $40 and $60 for an hour! This is beyond the reach of many parents, even if both of them are earning. The parents themselves do not have the time to coach their own children, given the hectic lifestyle.

Online tutoring took the opportunity with both hands. As mentioned before, there are so many websites that it is a like an overcrowded bazaar. To be fair, most of the websites provide specialized subjects, while others cover the whole gamut of education right from K1 to K12, and of course in collegiate studies, right from basics to even writing complete reports. The last is a threat as far as this author is concerned. Submitting ghost written homework does not help the student. Instead it makes that student LAZY, yes lazy in capitals. Outsourcing one’s home work is certainly not going to help the student. Rather if the student learnt how to write, where to look, and how to compile his notes would certainly be a better route.

If this writer is asked to choose a good site, then India would certainly be recommended. India has a large pool of highly trained people, education is considered a goal, teachers and professors are regarded very highly, English is the most used language here, and as most people know, more and more Indians and persons of Indian descent are now at the helm of affairs of the Fortune 500 companies. Obviously, this wealth of human capital could not have come if they did not have strong educational values, and emphasis on education.

More, most Indians after their initial education in India tend to acquire further degrees or add to their education by taking courses in other countries particularly the US, the UK. Today, there is a growing competition between various overseas educational communities to entice Indian students, because of the factors mentioned above.

So, while looking for online tutoring, look for a source which is based in India, but do use precautions while signing up for one of them. is one site, this tutor looked to check what they were offering and that is how this article came to be written. The tutor there showed great expertise and I knew it, so no surprise. However what amazed me was how the hell did he knew US curricula so well. The tutor asked me about my school (as I was pretending a kid) and to my surprise he already knew which book was being followed there. I was impressed. And now I have a solution for my students who need some extra tutoring hours.

Vince Austin, Teacher For more info & online tutoring resources, please visit

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Would you Like an Online Tutor With That?

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Advertisement STUDENTS who work at McDonald’s will be given free access to online maths tutoring, as the fast-food chain tries to stem the number of young people who take time off work to prepare for exams.

McDonald’s, which claims to be the biggest employer of young people in the country, said the program was for students in years 7 to 11, with the tutoring program tailored to the current high school curriculum.

McDonald’s Australia vice-president Frank McManus estimated about three-quarters of its 65,000 staff were secondary students. “We believe we have a responsibility to help them perform well in school,” Mr McManus said. “We also recognise that some students end their employment around the time they start year 12.”

He said students often took a four-to-six-week break over the exam period, before returning to work in their holidays.

The program, created by, also supplies year 12 sample exam papers and provides students with feedback and progress reports.

Launched last week, the online program will be available to students until the end of the academic year. Mr McManus said more than 1000 staff had already logged on in the first 24 hours. He said if the uptake was positive, the company would consider extending the online tutoring to include other subjects such as English.

“This is just dabbing our toes in the water to see what the uptake is. It’s a competitive labour market out there and if we can offer additional benefits that will attract and retain employees than we would consider extending it.”


Offshore online tutoring making quality personalized help accessible to all is a great promise. Quality control of service delivery is extremely important to impart effective learning.

Proper recruitment & training processes for tutors, real time process monitoring & control, content customization and adequate technology & infrastructure are extremely important to providing exceptional online tutoring, consistently.

Go to to learn more about online tutoring and watch a sample versions of materials inside of oursite. All tutors are screened, qualified and ready to help your child get better grades!

satish graduated from Javaharlal nehru techological university of hyderabad with a Electronics and communication engineering degree. In 2006, satish started because he saw a need to help struggling students complete their homework assignments and understand their schoolwork. Since this time, E Homework Help inc. and have helped hundreds of students get better grades.

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Online Tutors: Tuition Help for Students

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Advances in data and technology have intensely revolutionized every sphere of novel life and communication is no immunity. The belief of online lessons owes greatly to the prompt development in the theme of communication. Virtual lessons are a relatively new belief in reserve lessons. Online lessons or lessons are interactive styles in which scholars work in achieve coordination with practiced and experienced professors. The interaction between the scholar and the professor is one-on-one, live and in truthful time. All related cram ideas are sent via transmit, and scholars can engage in live chat with their tutor. Direct messaging and online chats have contributed tremendously to the increase of e-lessons and made it truthfulily.

Online lessons have matured immensely in provisos of its popularity. Online lessons have numerous profits both for the scholar as well his/her tutor. The group can be structured to become the scholar?s march of lessons. Also, while it is a one-on-one assembly, the tutor focuses his/her achieve interest on the scholar. Hence, the scholar learns in a fun and interactive style and that too at his/her own march. The professor can use online lessons as a means to earn some release money in his/her release time. For more information about online tutor or online lessons, break

Tutorbene is a quickly budding KPO (skill practice Outsourcing) band committed to providing world-group lessons army to individuals and organizations through their online lessons list. Tutorbene?s online tutors make virtual carriage of data a truthfulity through the use of bitter-bank technology and simultaneous use of several communication channels such as audio, record, content and whiteboard. Their vastly educated and proficient online tutors divulge personalized and interactive high feature reserve lessons. The online tutors at tutorbene are well practiced. Most of them are station-graduates or graduates with over five living of vast lessons experience. Their passion for the theme and unswerving commitment to ideas makes the lessons assemblies interactive, interesting and datable. Each assembly is tailored to the desires of the individual scholar.

Students are also provided the flexibility of choosing online tutors. Also, there is a rating practice by which scholars can quotient their tutors. Online tutors who have consistently high ratings persist to be a part of the online lessons panel, while those with worse ratings get eliminated from the practice. To know more about online lessons help for scholars, log on to

I have completed my studies in 2007 and now working as a web developer and search engine optimizer with a multi national company. My hobbies are net surfing, googling and enjoying parties with friends.

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