How your Child Can Benefit From Online Tutoring

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Everyone knows that if your child is having trouble in school, a private tutor may be the solution. Assuming the child isn’t experiencing drug or behavioral problems, tutoring has been proven to have many benefits, which include improved motivation, understanding of class material, and personal attention that isn’t available in the classroom.

Many people like to blame our country’s educational system, which is clearly not equal across the board. Some schools has have always been praised as pillars of the American education system. Other schools, primarily those found in inner cities and less than affluent neighborhoods, have always had a reputation of lack of funding, declining test scores, and so on. Typically most schools will fall somewhere in the middle where good education is provided, but students are not learning to the best of their ability.

Is it time for you as a parent to take a more proactive role in your child’s education?

It doesn’t matter if your child is failing or ahead of the class, tutoring will improve their quality of life throughout their education career. Children who struggle with school and learning are more likely to lose interest in their education. By using a tutor, you can improve their confidence, in addition to their grades. Children who are ahead of the class may feel unmotivated because they aren’t challenged. Using a tutor for your child to learn advanced topics will motivate them to push themselves not only in school, but in their lives and future.

Private tutoring services are growing at an incredibly fast rate; at around 20% per year. While private tutoring is the best solution for improving your child’s educational experience, it can be expensive and inconvenient for you and your child. The problem with private tutoring is that you are limited by appointments, class size, cost, and length of the sessions.

A great alternative to private tutoring is online tutoring. What makes it better? For one, the sessions can last as long or as short as they need to be. With a real private tutor, you are restricted to a set session amount, which usually lasts about an hour. In contrast, if your child is stuck on one or two problems, they can use online tutoring credits for only that amount of time.

Private tutoring can cost anywhere from $50 an hour to $125 an hour, depending on where you live and the tutor’s credentials. On average, parents will pay $3,500 to get their children up to speed. With online tutoring, you can the expertise of highly trained experts, certified teachers, and college professors for a fraction of the cost. With some online tutoring monthly plans, you can private, 1 on 1 tutoring for as low as $25 an hour.

Best of all, online tutors are available 7 days a week. Unlike private tutoring, which requires an appointment, you may find it difficult to find one available on the weekends.

Overall, online tutoring provides the same benefits as private tutoring. You can get it for half the price while knowing that your child will be in good hands whether they need to catch up or stay ahead. With the growing need for supplemental education, it is near impossible for some parents to afford private tutoring. The current state of the education will only continue expand the divide between the children of the wealthy and the children of the single moms, dads, and hard-working yet concerned parents out there across the United States. is a educational web site dedicated to providing parents with the best online tutoring resources and information to make informed decisions about using private tutoring services.

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Doubt if Online Tutoring is Right for Your Kid? Myths Revealed!

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Many parents are apprehensive about getting their children tutored online. Let’s, one by one, look at the reasons parents may be reluctant in enrolling their kids in an online tutoring program and suggest ways to overcome their anxiety.

1) Effectiveness- Parents think that tutoring cannot be effective unless the tutor is sitting right in front of their child, gauging his reaction and monitoring his every move.

Is it true? No. Some children need personal attention while learning but as long as they have the right learning tools and a competent online tutor, online learning can be as effective, if not more. Some kids are shy by nature and they may feel more comfortable asking questions and clearing their doubts in a virtual environment where they cannot actually see the tutor. For such kids, face-to-face tutoring can be intimidating and if they don?t feel comfortable with their tutor, their whole point of learning is defeated. Kids may also be inclined to take more initiative because even if they solve something incorrectly, chances of awkwardness with the tutor are less.

2) Safety- Is it safe for my child?

Of course it?s safe. It is, perhaps, the safest way to get tutoring help to your child. You can sit right next to your child?s computer when the tutoring is in progress or you can continue with your daily chores while your child is sitting in the same room and talking to his tutor. It?s much better than driving around your child to a learning center or having a stranger come in to your house every week.

3) Too much work- How will the tutor know what my child is learning in school and how will the teaching take place without the book?

We are living in a communication rich world my friend. If the same book is not available, study material and lesson plans can be faxed, scanned and emailed very easily to the tutor. Emails make it very convenient for regular updates to be communicated to the tutor.

4) Software- How much will I need to invest?

As long as you have a headset to establish voice communication with the teacher, you don?t need to invest in any software. Most software needed for online tutoring programs are free to download and don?t occupy too much space on your computer either. If you have a reliable computer with internet connection, you are good to go.

5) Scheduling- How frequent are the sessions? My kids are involved in a lot of extracurricular activities.

Scheduling online sessions is very convenient and you can choose as many sessions as you want. Most programs offer enough flexibility to reschedule in case of any last minute changes and there are no long-term contracts to bind you. Your child just has to go online, take sessions and you can take a break or discontinue whenever you want. Isn?t that sweet?

6) Cost- It must be expensive. Can I afford it?

Online tutoring is the most affordable tutoring option you?ll find in the market. Involving a global talent pool with the help of technology makes tutoring extremely affordable. You save on gas and don?t pay any premium to use high-priced learning centers or private tutors.

Being parents, concern about kids? security and future is completely justifiable but depriving kids of services that may actually benefit their future and aid learning is pure ignorance. Save time and money and give your children the most convenient and effective tool to strengthen their concepts and to improve their grades.

Surabhi Mittal works with the academic department of that provides one-on-one online math tutoring to children in grades 3-12. She can be reached at To learn more about online math tutoring or to get a 2-week free trial, please visit

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Make Sat Preparation a Soft Task With Online Tutoring

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Are you a student having sleepless nights due to the nightmares of SAT? Are you too one of those parents who worry about the academic performance of your child especially when he/she is going to appear in SAT? Are you looking for a supplementary help to improve the capability of your child to score good in SAT? According to a recent national survey report, more than 75% American students and parents pass through these stages. It is a fact that more than 70% people hire the conventional tutoring services recommended by relatives, friends or community members because it is the easiest way. As a result, more than 80% candidates don?t get the expected grades even after doing their best and paying the high rates even beyond their limits. So, what may be the reason? Simply, they don?t get the right kind of guidance to improve their skills and to fill up the voids in their SAT preparation through conventional Pvt. tutoring. On the other side, online help for SAT preparation has been proved as a boon for countless students. Is online SAT preparation really so effective?

E- tutoring or online tutoring has proven its extra edge over traditional Pvt. tutoring. Some extra benefits of online SAT preparation help are ? customized course modules, professional approach to assess the capabilities, weak points and learning interest, technologically advanced customized teaching practices, saving of commuting time, 24×7 hrs availability, readily available question banks, anytime access to previous sessions, cost effectiveness and many more. Increasing worldwide trend of getting online test preparation help also proves these benefits.

Is it enough just to hire the costliest e- tutoring company for SAT preparation? The yielded benefits depend upon the right selection of online tutoring. So, don?t engage the recommended online tutoring company without judging the suitability of tutoring company on the basis of your own parameters. Software, system and language to be used, tutors quality, teaching approaches, customization level, periodic assessment procedure, provided credentials and allied services like the questions banks, access to previous sessions and anytime help etc are some important issues which need specific attention. To judge the suitability and standards of tutoring sessions, attending trial sessions is the most reliable way. Many companies like offer trial sessions and conduct assessment tests free of cost. So, as a clever customer get the advantage of tough competition among the quality tutoring companies. Here, comes another question of importance which is generally asked by the parents and students both ? How can we improve the outcome of hired tutoring service?

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How to Get the Best Online Tutoring Within Budget

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Are you too like me, who is not satisfied with the efforts of the tutor and performance of child but don?t have any better alternative? Is the hefty fee of the tutor delivering a sharp pinch at your pocket too? I discussed these and other related issues with my community members and came to know that these are the common problems being faced by every second or third parent. To find out a way, we discussed this problem with experienced experts of education boards, institutions and online tutoring service providers. Here, in this article, I am going to share those tips, which helped me a lot, you too may get the benefit.

Why online tutoring is better than conventional tutoring? Many parents doubt the effectiveness of online tutoring. But according to Mr. Eddison of, online supplementary help has become a must to avail facility for every student, however purpose may be different. Main reasons behind the popularity of online tutoring are 1: 1 attention, individual assessment policies, technologically advanced teaching practices and flexibility in session schedule. You may ask the selected tutoring company to design the course module and sessions according to your specific requirements. Some tutoring companies provide short term packages also like online assignment help, math help, test preparation and essay writing etc. This feature of online tutoring saves time for students and money for parents. Apart from this, students save lot of energy, time and money in commuting to tutor?s place facing chaos on roads, winter winds and rain falls.

When you expand your hard earned money to get a service, you expect results also, even if it is comparatively a small amount. Is it possible to get quality tutoring service within your budget limitations? The outcome of online tutoring largely depends upon the right selection of tutoring company. When you surf on the Internet to find out a GOOD online tutoring company, you get confused seeing the big claims and attractive promotional schemes. Apart from this, your friends, community members and relatives also suggest different tutoring companies relating their experiences. But, a recommended tutoring company or online tutor proved good for one child may not be equally good for another. Why?

Because every child has different learning capabilities, weak points, tendency and likings. Before selecting the tutoring service, it is must to define the purpose like help in a particular subject, homework help, preparation for competition and improving a particular learning skill like writing or analyzing or expressing etc. Can you assess your weak-points yourself even after defining the ultimate goal?

Appearing in assessment test, conducted by many good companies like the one free of cost is the best way to assess particular requirements. Anytime free access to previous sessions, free question banks, assessment policies, session monitoring, teaching practices and previous records etc are important aspects about which one should compulsorily ask before finalizing the deal. Attending ?free trial sessions? is an ideal way to judge the quality of sessions and suitability of teaching tools like software, whiteboards and language etc. As being the service user, you deserve the right to investigate in the claims. It is better, if you could find out some references in your community. Before finalizing the deal with a tutoring company, you may also ask for ?Return Back? policy.

At last, students too need to take some own initiatives to make the hired budgetary online tutoring more interesting and result oriented. Wouldn?t you like to know – how? Just visit or mail at

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Rapidly Changing Wave of Offline to Online Tutoring

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For many years, students had to rely on face to face individual or group tutoring in order to receive academic assistance outside of the classroom. But tutoring has transformed as technological advancements, namely, the Internet has come up. Few years back, the only option was to invite a stranger in the home – or meet outside of the home to receive assistance, now it can be done online. Though, if you?re accustomed to this form of tutoring, you may be little hesitating about making the switch. If this is the case, here are a few advantages to making the transition from offline to online tutoring.

Still Working with Live People
One reason for not hesitating with online tutoring is the fact that you are no longer getting the face to face, live interaction. It?s true that you don?t have access to body language and facial expressions, you do have access to a live person in various instances. There are various great resources available that ensure to have a qualified tutor ready to chat with students so that they feel that same sense of companionship and camaraderie that they are used to while working with a person in the same room.

Added Convenience

The main reason that let students jump at that chance to work with an online tutor versus taking a private tutor is the convenience that online tutoring can provide. With online tutoring, you don?t need to fix any schedule according to them; you can fix your own schedule for tutoring as per your needs. You can sit any where you want such as house, favorite caf

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Online Tutoring – Introduction and Benefits

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Online tutoring is not just about providing study material on the Web. It’s a form of self-motivated learning that is delivered to learners at their desktops. Online tutoring encompasses the entire world of one-to-one tutoring sessions (live tutoring), threaded discussions, bulletin boards, video conferencing, Webinars, and VoIP. Online tutoring may not involve a face-to-face interaction with faculty members, but it’s technologically tailored to create an environment for easy and requirement-specific learning. Live tutors take care of the diverse backgrounds and varied interests of their target audience. Like classrooms, online tutoring also needs to be monitored on a time schedule. It has to meet the expectations of students on a synchronous mode. The rise in the demand for online tutoring is a reflection of students’ needs for quality learning that allows them to seek best value from experts worldwide. Online tutoring also does not require students to attend classroom sessions. Other advantages that are weaved into online tutoring are access to valuable educational resources, immediate resolution of their queries, and collaboration.

EduWizardS is emerging as the leader for live, one-on-one tutoring sessions. Its professional, private tutors are experts in their fields with at least a University degree in the subjects they teach. Many of them have Masters or Doctoral qualifications. They even have degrees from Ivy League and other top universities such as Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Stanford, IIT (India). At EduWizardS you have the freedom to visit profiles of tutors and select a private tutor for your one-to-one, live learning sessions. You can find experienced tutors for all academic subjects, and you can browse student/parent feedback, hourly charges and other details before choosing an online tutor. The tutors give half-hour trial sessions – absolutely free, with no strings attached. There is no limit to the total number of free tutoring trials a student can take. However, within a certain period of time, only a fixed maximum number of half-hour free trials are allowed. This feature sets EduWizardS apart because it is the only Web site that allows you to select a private tutor and take free online tutoring sessions. This online, one-to-one tutoring is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

No special and expensive resources are needed to be tutored online. Tutoring online has been made very simple by recent advances in whiteboard and voice technology. For online tutoring, all you need is an Internet connection, a computer microphone, and computer speakers. A computer headset with microphone (costs about $ 10-15) is recommended.

Therefore, online tutoring can be considered as the best option for students who wish to pursue education in the way they like it!

For more information on online tutoring services visit us at

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Guide, Teach and Mentor With an Online Tutoring Business

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Tutoring is a fast growing and extremely popular profession in the modern era. With students not receiving individual attention in school and working parents lacking the time to help their children with school work, more and more people now search for tutors.

Tutors are sought for in many areas, in which skills can be taught and acquired. For example in academic subjects such as math, languages & geometry, for sports such as tennis, swimming & baseball, for acquiring computer skills such as word processing, designing & programming or even for hobbies such as sewing, crafting or sculpting.

Tutoring to students is carried out in many ways. ?In-home? tutoring is when the tutor visits the home of the student to offer his/her services while ?at-my-place? tutoring is when the student visits the home of the tutor to obtain his/her services. Online tutoring and email tutoring is when the tutor and student conduct their lessons via the help of the internet. For online tutoring a specific time is set between the tutor and the student to carry out the lesson through instant messaging services such as Yahoo, AOL, MSN, etc. Email tutoring is when the tutor and the student rely on emails to perform their lessons. The advantage of online and email tutoring is that the tutor and the student need not be in the same city or country to carry out the studies and also the time and money spent on commuting is saved.

With the increase of demand for tutors, more and more people prefer to stay at home and start their own tutoring venture. The most essential qualifications that are required to become a tutor, with the exception of having an in-depth knowledge of the subject or subjects which you are going to teach are good communication skills, enduring patience and the ability to connect with your students. You should also posses the qualities of reliability and dependability. Sticking to the planned schedules with your students are very important since you are providing a valuable service.

Having your own online tutoring venture provides you with many advantages. For starters you would be working from home which in turn provides you with more time to spend with your family. Reduction of costs involved in commuting and of acquiring office attire is another advantage. In addition you would be having more flexibility. And above all you can have the satisfaction in providing an esteemed service to the society.

You can carry out this venture as a part time or full time occupation. Also the subjects and the number of subjects that you want to tutor, completely depends on you. When considering the subjects, it is important that you have a thorough understanding in that particular field. In the tutoring profession your potential students could vary from elementary to high school or even grown ups who require tutoring in specific areas such as the computer field or hobbies. The number of subjects that you wish to tutor depends on the amount of energy and time you can utilize for this venture.

As an independent tutor you would have an advantage over tutoring companies, since you would be providing one-to-one tutoring which most parents prefer for their children at a much friendlier rate.

Starting a tutoring business costs very little and it provides a steady source of income all year round. Your tutoring rates will depend on your experience, the demand for that specific subject and the market price. If you are new to this venture it is always better to charge less than the competitors till you are able to gain experience and prove your value in the field.

When launching your own online business, you should first determine the number of subjects you want to tutor and the age group you are focusing on. Depending on these factors you can concentrate on your target audience, how to approach them and your marketing strategy. Even though ?word of mouth? is the biggest marketing tool in this profession, having a website is another significant way to market your online tutoring venture.

When conducting tutoring sessions, in order to make it as effective as possible you should prepare your sessions in advance, know your subject and any changes in the content, be professional and supportive of the student. The keys to succession in the online tutoring profession are being result oriented, establishing sound relationships with the students and their parents and providing an exceptional service. has been helping work at home women start a home business for over 10 years. Their TutorMonster Career Kit includes everything you need to start career as a tutor including a basic business start up guide and an easy start program, which provides step-by-step guidance on how to build up your Tutoring business within 29 days!

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Modern Way of Supplemental Education – Online Tutoring

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Online tutoring is the process through which a tutor or a subject expert imparts knowledge to the student over Internet. Both, knowledge provider and recipient may be geographically distant. The students just need a computer, internet access and head set with mike to get the unlimited benefits of the online tutoring. Online tutoring is being popular through out the world because of its extra edge over the traditional tutoring method.

? You get the tutoring facility on 24/7 hrs basis at much cheaper rate in comparison to traditional home tutoring.

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Having a Positive Online Tutoring Experience

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When a child tries to learn something new he faces some initial problems that occur either due to student?s capabilities or due to faulty tutoring approach. If these problems are not handled carefully in time, child’s motivation and interest get affected severely. In this condition even the best way of teaching proves a failure because it is a fact that one can lead the horse to water but he can’t force the horse to drink. Today, online tutoring is the most sought solution for improving grade in class or competitions.

Apart from other benefits, the most significant benefit of online tutoring is that in this process knowledge is provided with parental touch. Personal touch, use of latest technology, conferences, online discussions, regular monitoring and progress assessment make the online tutoring more effective and interesting than traditional tutoring. When parents hire online tutoring service for this kids they want to see immediate result. Is it right? Is it tutoring agency only that is solely responsible for the improvement of child?s academic performance?

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Making Online Tutoring More Effective Through Collective Efforts

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Nowadays getting online learning help has become the need of hour for the most students. Some main reasons behind this increasing trend are lack of 1: 1 attention, poor individual assessment policies, age old teaching practices and ?one for all? course module etc. Sometime students feel shy in asking their problems while sometimes they ignore the importance of having clear concepts about the topics. Parents too find themselves unable to teach their children after a certain grade due to various reasons. In such circumstances, getting external teaching help becomes a must to avail facility. In the recent years, online tutoring has emerged as the most cost effective, convenient and result oriented learning tool to improve the performance in the class or in various competitions.

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